Maurizio Bianchi: “Symphony for a Genocide” – By Sukhoon Chang

Boys and girls and rabbits and kangaroos and the etceteras, here is my first entry. Clap your hands and read on.

I don’t know much or have much to say about the distorted guitar happenings that have been swirling in and out of this academy and its surroundings, but the utterances I’ve been picking up tell me that most of it’s elephant doo doo and stale pudding. Titus Andronicus, who get five bags of elephant doo doo and then some, played for free at BU central. A couple of my friends went to see Dr. Dog, an entire waterfall of wet elephant doo doo (that people would actually pay $35 to go see). And I feel very reluctant about going to house shows now, as most of the ones I’ve been to were stale pudding, pudding so stale that you could mistake it for elephant doo doo. But hey, people are nice and the sun is bright in the daytime. Maybe everyone just needs more Mark E Smith and Cap’n Crunch.


Maurizio Bianchi is an Italian guy who makes lots of noise with electronics. Since the 1980s, Mr. Bianchi actually had a goal, you know, that he wanted to achieve artistically, as an artist, through his ~*aAAart*~, “to produce technological sounds and in such a way to work on complete realizing of the modern decadence.” Sounds healthy.

“Symphony For A Genocide” was released in 1981. It’s the only LP from him that I’ve actually listened to, and I suspect that it’s just the kind of noise that normal people like you and me have always been looking for. It’s Metal Machine Music with less Lou and more warmth and pulse. It’s Merzbow contained in a fireplace. It’s 20 Jazz Funk Greats with some flesh between the bones, and no dude singing. That description might offend decadent ol’ Mr. Bianchi, but it’s the truth. His “genocide” is really a warm cathartic ride on a picture book thundercloud. Now, it might be genocide for all that elephant doo doo and stale pudding that stick to our ears, but even then it’s really just a big fuzzy q-tip.

Auschwitz. I would have named it Chugga Chugga or something.

Hey it’s on Discogs!

*Lou and Merzbow and Throbbing Gristle are all great, ya know.


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