Raysipeladygaga – By Adam Thometz

One winter Saturday morning, I was trolling around the Internet in my pajamas and (please don’t ask me how) came across this guy:

Meet Ray Sipe (a.k.a. “raysipeladygaga” on Youtube, or “Ray Sipe, The Lady Gaga Guy” according to himself in one of his videos). I couldn’t find much information on him but according to his Youtube channel, he lives in “South Florida,” is “111” years old, is a “clown” by trade, and is influenced by “Lady Gaga.” In terms of secondary sources, I couldn’t find anything.

In nearly all his videos, he is wearing some variation on what he’s wearing in the picture, is in the same room, and lets loose on any subject that you could think of (lobsters, iPhones, shoes, you name it). Sometimes, he gets behind the keyboard. There is something about his “singing” (or whatever you want to call it) that sticks. My first exposure was “Adolf Hitler” and I’ve caught myself humming that tune on the streets. Even in class, I had to make an effort to suppress his tunes in my mind in order to focus.

This man is difficult to describe so, without further ado, I’m just gonna shut up and post some of his masterpieces to give you an idea of what he does.

If you like art that tells a story, check out “Adolf Hitler”: 

Maybe you’re more interested in philosophical inquiry? Try “Scoop Da Poop”:

“Mr. Lobster” shows his tender compassion for the environment:

Or maybe cautionary tales, like “Sitting On The Toilet”, are more your thing:

“Angry Birds” is hard to pin down. You’d think he’s referring to the popular Angry Birds game but after a while, you start to wonder if he’s really referring to actual angry birds. He gets behind his trusty Casio for this one:

“Eye Phone” is a really punny one:

He also has an uncanny ability to draw inspiration from some of the dullest things in life, a disposition that most artists would kill to have. Here, his muse is duct tape (not duck tape. Don’t worry, he’ll go into the distinction):

And finally, “The Lion King”, which is somehow the only video of his that managed to go viral:

I know I posted more videos than necessary but if you only watched 2 or 3 of them, then you pretty much got the general idea. These are just some of my favorites. Also, this collection of links only scratch the surface; as I write this, Ray Sipe has 1112 videos on Youtube, despite the fact that he hasn’t even been on Youtube for a year yet. Does he even have a job? Or a family? Or friends? Or sanity? Well… okay, maybe we already established an answer to that last question but still, one couldn’t help but wonder. No matter. He makes ditties that are fun for the whole family and that’s all that matters to us.

The only way to listen to him that I found is on his Youtube channel, “raysipeladygaga”.

What do you guys think? Senile 50-something virgin or totally underrated musical genius?


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