Wally Cox’s “Tavern in the Town” – by Anteo Fabris

Quite the droll specimen of old-school musical satire. “Tavern in the Town” was a rather popular tune, sung by many a warbling woman. Take Gracie Fields for example:

Wally Cox was mainly known as a television actor and comedian, starring in sitcoms like “Mr. Peepers,” and “Philco Television Playhouse,” as a meek and awkward “milquetoast,” as Wikipedia so knowingly describes it. This character became his public image for the rest of his career, much to his chagrin; he admitted he would rather have been known for being more athletic, which he in fact was. I’m sure this tune didn’t help him much with that, but it did make him known for his satire.

Here’s another funny version of this song, by Bernard Ancèze:

I am unsure sure whether or not he’s being sarcastic, and if the mispronunciations are supposed to be an endearing touch, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. In fact, I like how he sings “tuntulove” instead of “turtle dove.” Not quite sure what a “tuntulove” is, but it was probably a good artistic choice.


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